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Join Smash Agency!

Smash Agency is always searching for interesting people regardless of size, age, skincolor, or gender identity.

Smash Agency represents some of Scandinavia's best models, actors and athletes. Smash Agency is always looking for new talents and people with characteristics and features not already portrayed in the model board. If you feel you are just what we're looking for, we would love to hear from you. There are no height or size requirements.

Please fill in the form below, or send us your application + images to:

You will be contacted by one of our agents within 8 days, if we choose to proceed with your application.

We do not conduct castings via any online webcam platforms, only face to face meetings at our agency.

19-06 Ellen Gaffert7670.jpg






Upload your pictures: (Please follow the instructions; its important we see new photos of full body & teeth)

Front of face with a teeth smile
Face in profile
Image of your choice
Front of face without smile
Full body
Image of your choice

Choose which category you want to apply in:

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