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Join Smash Agency!

Send us an email with the following information:
Name, adress, phone, age, size, height & your Instagram account if you have one. inclued 5 new pictures (its important that we can see your teeth & full body.) Email:

Or you can choose to fill in the form below:

Please note:

If you have not heard from us within 8 days, we have choose not to proceed with you.

Upload your pictures: (Please follow the instructions; its important we see new photos of full body & teeth)

Front of face with a teeth smile
Face in profile
Image of your choice
Front of face without smile
Full body
Image of your choice

Choose which category you want to apply in:

SPORTS MODELS: (We only accept professionals in this category)
19-06 Ellen Gaffert7670.jpg


It is very important that we can see you teeth, so show us your biggest smile!

Daphne_KPola091 kopier.jpg


Make sure you do your body shot wearing tight pants & top or underwear. We want to see the shape of your body - and remember, all shapes & sizes are beautiful!



If you have long hair, put your hair up in a ponytail - just in one of the pictures!

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